Blog Income Report – May 2008

Long time no post! It wasn’t all spent lounging around by the pool, unfortunately. Since this my second income report I have come to some conclusions about what I will classify as ‘monthly income.’ In my last blog income report I posed some questions about what ‘types’ of income I should include. I received some private responses that were all very much appreciated. In my April earnings report, I included income from domain parking, domain sales, and website flipping.

I have decided to no longer include any other non-affiliate income in these reports since this is an affiliate marketing blog.  In addition, I wondered whether to only include income once a check was received. As many affiliates know, some affiliate programs have income thresholds (like Google Adsense) and checks are not disbursed until a certain amount of earnings has accrued. I have decided to include any and all earnings earned (whether they are received or not) during the calendar month. This is relatively easy as most programs let you run a date range report. Finalyy, please remember that my earnings come from my network of affiliate sites and not simply from this blog.  So, without further adieu…

May 2008 Affiliate Earnings: $79.10

Quite a drop from last month, but I am only including affiliate earnings and only money earned between My 1, 2008 and May 31, 2008. So where di this windfall come from?

 Adsense: $16.84

I use Adsense on, and I have not had any time to promote these sites in awhile, but will still take what I can get, Once my time frees up a bit I will definitely increase their exposure.

 Affiliate Programs: $62.26

Although I run several different affiliate programs throughout my network, these earnings were from sites within the network, which I promote exclusively on, as well as a couple of niche dating sites I also promote. I also run and Yahoo Personals, but was not able to earn anything from these programs in May.

Finally, on this blog – despite gaining several new links, appearing in the SERPs for some search terms, and averaging about twenty unique visitors per day, I have not earned any money from the affiliate programs promoted here. I have a good feeling that will change in June.

So, although May was excruciatingly slow and I have not posted nearly as much as I wanted to I did spend my time productively as a good affiliate should. So what have I been up to? You’ll have to read my next post to find out what I have been doing and why I expect the effort I put in last month to really explode my affiliate earnings in June.  One final comment: While I certainly hope to make money from this blog, it is not my main source of affiliate income, but more of a vehicle to explain what I am doing on my other sites to monetize them and increase their earnings.

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